FUN Jam, Nov. 19, 2015

Thanks for your attendance at the Quiet American Concert & Workshop!  The Keims were gladdened by the receipts (over $1300!), the attendance (29 workshop, 78 concert) and the physical space, our wonderful Senior Center!  Dan Holden, the bass man, set up the sound and did a great job! Thanks to ALL volunteers: Charley, Wendy, Steph, Mike, Bob Sc., Cathy Sc., Gail, Louise, Priscilla, Ruth, Marilyn, Pam M., Anne C., Sara H, Ruth, Libby & Rusty, & what the heck, me.
New songs for today (all with audio files):  Yellow Rose of Texas, Take It Out Back (thanks, Bob Schaefer!) Istanbul, Not Constantinople, and Over the River & Thru The Woods. See a song you don’t know? All of these songs have audio files to help you get familiar with the unknown and mysterious!!
Cold Cold Heart
Crocodile Rock
Down On The Corner

Istanbul, Not Constantinople (new)
Kansas City
Mister Sandman
Mr. Spaceman
My Dog Loves Your Dog
Octopus’ Garden
Old Joe Clark
Over The River & Through the Woods (new; sorely tested my upper singing range!)
Shady Grove
Take It Out Back (new)
Ukulele Swing
Walkin’ In My Sleep
Washington, Washington
Yellow Rose of Texas (new)( we will use the Chattanooga strum from Aaron’s workshop)
You Ain’t Goin’  Nowhere