FUN JAM Oct 12, 2017

You Membranophone/Kazoo players can hum through a few songs today, so bring ’em!  Winchester Cathedral, Four or Five Times, Baby Face and Purple-People Eater are all fair game!   Also, some folks at last jam said they have the stamina to play the entirety of  Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald. . . . .  Green=easier, Blue= medium, Orange=more challenging

Baby Face 2/4
Baby’s In Black
Four or Five Times
Frim Fram Sauce  revisit 
Geoduck Song
Has Anybody Seen My Ghoul?
How Much Is That Doggie 3/3 warmup 
Lodi  if time
Marianne (please reprint; new edit 3/23/17)
purple-people-eater– 1/3 NEW
Sea of Love
Sentimental Journey 4/4
Side x Side 3/4
St Louis Blues 1/4 NEW
Til I Kissed Ya
Unchain My Heart 2/3
Walkin’ in my sleep warmup
Winchester Cathedral
Witch Doctor
Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald  1/3 NEW  If you’ve printed already, pencil in changes on                                                                                                                                 10/11/17 edit