Bob’s FUN Ukulele Ceilidh, March 17, 2016

This jam of all Irish music is dedicated to Bob Santeford, who passed away March 7 after a short illness. His charts  in the list below include Rolling Down To Old Maui, Bonnie Hielan’ Laddie, Red Is The Rose, and a somewhat abridged adaptation of his version of Danny Boy.  His  was so complex, (and therefore more beautiful. . .). Bob worked with me on this jam since November of 2015, lending me all his celtic books, his ear, and his help in the decision-making for which songs to include, in addition to creating many of the music charts.  He was a perfect companion in music and in beer-drinking! His wife and children are the best, and he has left this world a better place.  Bob, you are loved and missed.

Blow The Man Down
Bonnie Hielan’ Laddie
Comin’ Through The Rye   (lots of editing ; pulleeze reprint for the Ceilidh!)
Danny Boy
I Never Will Marry
Molly Malone
Peg O’ My Heart
Red Is The Rose
Rolling Down To Old Maui
Sweet Rosy O’Grady
Time, Gentlemen, Time
That’s An Irish Med-e-ley!  (If you don’t have the 3/8/16 version, please copy, thanks!)
Unicorn, The
Whiskey In The Jar
Wild Rover, The