Jan 30 ’20 FUN JAM

It pleases me no end that many of the jamsters are playing the melody tabs, that i’m inserting in some songs now!  I will continue to insert them in other songs, making for a little more challenge for those of you ready for it, in addition to strumming chords.  Don’t be shy about trying these melody tabs at jam, even if you feel unsure!  Just do it!  And, tickets for the Canotes, available at the front desk!
1. On Top Of Old Smokey
2. Come Back Liza
3. Bottle of Wine
4. Bad Moon Rising
5. Kansas City
6. Washington, Washington
7. No Particular Place to Go
8. Singin’ The Blues
9. Not Fade Away 3/3
10. Man of Constant Sorrow NEW 1/3
11.Sweet Sue melody tabs downloadable, below.
13.Jamaica Farewell w/tabs EDITED 1/22: new arrangement of tabs, so download it!!
14.Man of Constant Sorrow  NEW
15.Beyond The Sea
16.Frim Fram Sauce
18.Red Sails in the Sunset
19.Simple Gifts 4/4

As Time Goes By
Bad Moon Rising G
Beyond The Sea R
Bottle of Wine G
Come Back Liza G
Frim Fram Sauce R
Jamaica Farewell B new arrangement 1/22: download or you’ll be lost when we play it!!!
Kansas City G
Man of Constant Sorrow  NEW
On Top of Old Smokey G
No Particular Place To Go G
Not Fade Away B
Rawhide B
Red Sails In The Sunset R
Simple Gifts R/G
Singin’ The Blues B
Somewhere My Love  R
Sway B
Sweet Sue B      Copy Sweet Sue’s Melody tabs, too, if you’d like to play the melody.
Washington, Washington G