June 7, 2018 FUN JAM

Red Sails in the SunsetūüĆÖ & Walkin’ My Baby Back HomeūüĎę last jam sounded so nice, somehow fitting the weather we’re having, so they’re Baa-aack! New song: Shake, Rattle, & Roll! ¬†The top list is the alphabetical order. ¬†2nd list is song order. ¬†Copy what’s useful to you.

Ballad of Casey Jones   Ukadores solo 1st verse & 1st chorus. Use Touch-Down & Chattanooga
Birds & The Bees
Cold, Cold Heart
Cornbread & Butterbeans  warmup
Donna, Donna
Hokey Pokey  warmup
I Feel Fine
I Got Rhythm
Kansas City
Love Me Tender Edited; new key, pls reprint.
Move It On Over
On The Sunny Side of the Street  edited 5/31, pls reprint
Red Sails in The Sunset
Shake, Rattle & Roll 1/3 NEW
Summertime 3/4
Sweet Betsy From Pike
Walkin’ My Baby Back Home
Walkin’ To New Orleans 2/3¬†
Washington, Washington edited, new chords, pls reprint


1 Hokey Pokey warmup
2 Cornbread warmup
3 Kansas City

4 Walkin’ to New Orleans 2/3
5 Ballad of Casey Jones Ukadores solo 1st verse & 1st chorus. Use Touch-Down, Chattanooga.
6 Washington, Washington  edited, new chords, pls reprint
7 Cold Cold Heart
8 Whoopee Ti Yi Yo
9 Shake, Rattle, & Roll 1/3 NEW

10 Move It On Ov
11 I Got Rhythm

12 Sweet Betsy From Pike
13 Lodi
14 Birds & The Bees
15 I Feel Fine
16 Donna Donna
17 On The Sunny Side of the St edited pls reprint
18 Summertime  3/4
19 Red Sails
20 Walkin’ My BB Home
21 Love Me Tender edited, new key, pls reprint