March 28 ’19 FUN Jam

A little bit of Scottish & Irish to round out March: the twin melodies of Loch Lomond and Red Is The Rose. And back to House of the Rising Sun!  Alert! There’s 3 edits.
Marcy Marxer & Kathy Fink in B’ham , workshops & concert, this weekend! Click for more info.

PRESENTATION ORDER, MAR 28: Color Code: G is easy, B less easy, R challenging
1 She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Mt  warmup G
2 Red River Valley G warmup
3 Don’t Worry, Be Happy G
4 Washington, Washington G
5 These Boots Are Made For Walking G tiny edit 3/20/19, nothin’ much, take note.
6 Chains G
7 I Like To Rise G
8 Red Is The Rose B
9 Loch Lomond B NEW 
10 Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald B
11 My Dog Loves Your Dog B   Overdue edit! Please copy!!!
12 I Got Rhythm B
13  Where Did Our Love Go? B
14  Wayfaring Stranger B  Edited, pls copy 
15 Ukulele Lady R
16 House of the Rising Sun R
17 Moon Dance R
18 Side By Side R
19 When The RRR Comes BBB Along R
20 Rawhide B

Don’t Worry, Be Happy
House of The Rising Sun
I Got Rhythm
I Like To Rise
Loch Lomond NEW
Moon Dance
My Dog Loves Your Dog Big fat overdue edit 3/20/19, pls copy 
Red Is The Rose
Red River Valley
She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Mountain
Side By Side
These Boots Are Made For Walking take note on your chart of small edits 3/20/19
Ukulele Lady
Washington, Washington
Wayfaring Stranger  Pls copy new edit, 3/20/19
When the RRR Comes BBB Along
Where Did Our Love Go?
Wreck of the Edmund Fitz