Oct 25, 2018 FUN JAM

Got tickets? The ASAC Front Desk has ’em,  for Kevin Carroll’s Nov 1 workshops & concert; discount packages on special combos: 1:30 Ukulele Jazz Band workshop, 3pm Hawaiian Style Uke, Kevin’s Acoustic concert at 5pm, family-friendly! Reminder; check that each of your music charts is current by clicking on its download file below: that’ll show you the correct date. I inform you when a chart is newly edited when i send out this FUN JAM email, but if you don’t read ’em all, you won’t know, right?  Thanks for checking!!   HALLOWEEN 🎃Fun Jam:
1. Eekey Freaky 💔 (NEW) (sort of)
2. Purple People Eater 😈  (edited; pls reprint)

3. Folsom Prison Blues/Pinball Wizard
4. Rock N Roll Music 3/3
5. Sea of Love 

6.Ghost Busters👻
7. Has Any Body Seen My Ghoul?
8. Monster Mash
9. Addams Family
10. Jump In The Line 3/3
11. Act Naturally
12. Friend of the Devil
13. Eerie Canal  (edited (again!!!) pls reprint
14. Witch Doctor
15. Freight Train
16. I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You
17. Jamaica Farewell
18. Evil Ways (NEW) x 2   Newk folks used a draft of this in Feb, pls reprint the new one.

19. Sweet Sue
20. My Buddy 2/4

Act Naturally
Addams Family, The
Eekey Freaky  (NEW)
Eerie Canal  (edited, pls reprint)
Evil Ways (NEW)  Newkulele folks used a draft version last Feb, pls print the new one.
Folsom Prison Blues/PInball
Freight Train
Friend of the Devil
Ghost Busters
Has Any Body Seen My Ghoul?
I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You
Jamaica Farewell
Jump In The Line
Monster Mash
My Buddy
Purple People Eater (edited, pls reprint)
Rock N Roll Music
Sea of Love
Sweet Sue
Witch Dr