Gail & Pat’s String-Along Workshop Sept 9

If you can’t remember the last time you changed strings, or if it’s been more that 6 months, the answer is YES !

We will be having a String-along at out home studio on Saturday, September 9. We will here all day 9:00-5:00. You bring the strings and we will help you change them. You can come by anytime during the day.
2829 Lynn St., Bellingham WA
At the same time, if you need a strap button installed on your ukulele, Pat can do it for you. You must bring the strap button, which you can buy at any of the local music stores or online.

You may ask what kind of strings to get and where to get them. There are a LOT of opinions about strings online. Just google Compare Ukulele Strings, or something like that….
I tend to use Worth (clear) Flourocarbon strings, as general purpose strings, but many friends use Aquila strings. It really is a matter of personal preference, and what works best on your uke. There are many options. I urge you to research it and try them out. You can always change them again and it’s fun to try something different.

Where to get strings: In local music stores or online (Just Strings, Elderly Instruments, etc) Make sure you get strings that are made for the size of ukulele you have.

If you can’t make it to this, change your strings anyway. You will be amazed at how much better you sound.

There is no charge for the String-A-Long or strap button install but you are always welcome to make a contribution to our Studio Maintenance Kitty.

Gail and Pat