Ukadore: Beyond Strum Strum Strum

Ukadore sessions will run thru at least Sept 5, 2:45 until 3:45, following FUN Jams. Email me ( to sign up for these sessions.

Ukadore sessions help your playing go beyond “Strum, Strum, Strum” by adding pizazz & texture. Open to all levels: what you take home will build on the level that you’ve already acquired upon entering each class, and the time you give toward practice of any new technique.  Give yourself a chance to go to a deeper level of ability & curiosity with your beloved uke.  A few $$ donation to our senior center (maybe $5, whatever’s comfortable) is suggested.
 Ukadore session line-up:
May 9: Linda Zielinski: Calypso/Island strum &variations: This strum is useful in songs from both island 
and popular music tradition.   
May 23: Linda Zielinski: Calypso/Island strum & variations: embellishments on last week’s study of the basic Calypso/Island strum  Please practice stuff from last week to be ready this week~~
June 6: Val Schroeder:  Memphis Minnie’s Haunted House Blues: chords,chord melody, riffs, lyrics, something for everyone!  Val has been working on this blues song after she took a Del Rey workshop.  Join her in her journey into the blues!
June 20: Charley DrakeBlues improv techniques from Charley of the magic fingers!!
July 11Linda Zielinski: reggae strum:  For those who would want the Thumbs Up from Bob Marley!
July 25: Bob Davis: How to strum an entire 12 bar blues song (Sweet Home Chicago) using only two moveable chord forms” OMG, folks, this lesson be rockin’!
Aug 8: Charley Drake: now that you’ve practised his blues improv presentation info from June 20, here’s your chance to embellish that stuff even further.  So PRACTICE, already!!
Aug 22Linda Zielinski: Continuation of Reggae strum, using Iz’s Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Sept 5:  Bill Testerman: Jamming Without Looking at Paper & Chords: We all have the basic skills to do this with our knowledge of chords so all we need to do is understand how to put it all together.  That will be the goal by the end of the session.
if i add another class, it’ll be Linda: Touch-down, both a slower version for cowboyish songs and lighter & faster for swing songs.
AND, Libby Mills may teach a class in September, that would be wonderful!  She has her eye on a chord melody version of Haele, such a sweet song!