Lots of Stuff (Ukadores)

1.Chunking & damping, especially for reggae and blues (Chains, Kansas City)

2.Up the neck chords intro(introduces some complexity in sound, like adding colors to a palette) shifting from 1st position chord to 2nd position chord (the up-the-neck one, or even a 3rd position chord) (That’s Alright Mama, Cold Cold Heart

3. Single/double strum/mute strumAll I Want Is You, Buffalo Gals)

4.. Inside/Outside plucking(All I Want Is You, Buffalo Gals

5.Touch-down strum, like in cowboy songs (Ballad of Casey Jones, Bad Moon Rising, North to Alaska, Down On The Corner)

6.Chattanooga strum(B. of Casey Jones, Bad Moon Rising)

7.Reggae strumand listening for the emphasized 2nd and 4th beat (Bottle of Wine, Dont Worry Be Happy)

8.Playing in a group, but using different techniques than the person next to you(inside outside plucking, or Chattanooga, or touch-down, etc)(All I Want is You, Bad Moon Rising)

        9.Orchestrating the whole group: dividing into 2 or 3 parts and each part playing the same technique(Strumming, plucking, inside/outside, mute string) (Buffalo Gals & All I Want is You)

        10.Getting muscle memory to guide your right-hand technique while your left hand changes chords;getting comfortable with that so singing can be added

         11.Chord doodles(Ballad of Casey Jones, Git Along Home, Cindy Cindy, That’s Alright Mama)
         12.Calypso (d du udu)and variations(slap in the middle: rumba d du slap udu) (fancier calypso d flam/u udu) (Feliz Navidad, Come Back LIza, It’s Now Or Never, Stand By Me)

          13.Sliding barred chords(Blues Stay Away From Me, That’s Alright Mama, Cold Cold Heart)

          14.Riffs (a set of notes or chords that are “signature” to the song, like the run-down on the C string for These Boots Are MFW, or Sway; or the upbeat chord “garnishes” in I Second That Emotion or I Fought the Law (also Friend of the Devil, Don’t Be Cruel)

          15.Melody lines used within an instrumental interlude(I’ll Follow The Sun)