Newk Lesson #9, Jan 9 ’20

We’ll move on with F7, which we talked about last week and how similar it is to the E7 chord that we learned.  We’ll use the slap method and Elvis to learn this chord.  Please download Hound Dog.  F7 is known as a “closed” chord.  It’s the first one we’ve learned. A closed chord is one where there is a finger on all strings.  That also means its shape  can move up the neck to form other chords (refer to ” UP THE NECK, Bottom To Top” sheet from last week.)

I like HOUND DOG because it uses 7’s: C7, F7, G7.  Another song I like for the same reason is:
Who-Let-The-Dogs-Out?-7-22-17 , using A7, E7, and D7.  Between those two songs, you can learn all the 7’s except B7, which we’ll meet next week. Two ways to play it, one of which is learned with a “twin” chord.

So, D7 (it’s another “closed chord) we’ll try today too, using the slap method.  And you’ll be introduced to a second way to play E7, based on that D7 shape. Please download MEMPHIS and we’ll get some D7 time in, plus another Chattanooga practice.