New Lesson #14, Feb 13 ’20

These are the chords we’ve learned since early Jan, for you to concentrate on:  practice switching between them, your goal being doing that without looking: E7 to F7, Em to B7, Gm7 to Bb,  4 strums each.

Fm is one of the new chords today: we’ll use the slap method and Uke Ike’s flyaway method  to learn it.  Download My Wild Irish Rose/My Wild Irish Rogue,  one of the St Paddy’s day songs we’ll do at jam in March. Also download Sloop John B to get familiar with Fm.

If time, we’ll try another song with a celtic background: What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor, a two chord song that will teach us another 3-fret stretch chord: Gm.

And we’ll go back to Calypso beat, without a song, just these chords

C, Am   C, Am  C, F, G7, C.     D, DU UDU    D, DU UDU