Newk Lesson # 11, Jan 23 ’20

Our new chords are E7,F7, Em, B7 so far this new year.  Remember to check on the chord chart with the little hand for the shapes for Em and B7, the “twins”.   We’ll soon be getting to Gm7 and Bb, but not today.  Today is a review of the “twins”, so that the folks “missing in action” last class can get these chords too, using I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.  Then, the calypso strum pattern.  In the email, I’ll send you a couple of videos to review and try the pattern with other instructors, please use those videos.  And listen to Harry Belafonte songs for the rhythm of the calypso strum!  I’ll send a couple of those out too, in the email.  The best advice i can give you for this strum is to listen with your ears and your body, then transfer thru to your strumming hand.  Oooh, that sounds woo-woo, but for some of you it just might do the trick!  So, download Come Back Liza and Chiquita Banana and we’ll get this important and fun strum pattern going!

Hey, for fun, NAME THIS TUNE!  Each chord gets 8 strums:

Em B7 D A C G Am B7  repeat
C G B7 Em C G Am B7
Em B7 D A C G Am B7  repeat
C G B7 Em C G Am B7  and back to the top.