Newk Lesson #13, Feb 6 ’20

Review your chords 4 times each at home:  : A, A7, Am, B7, C, C7, Cm, D, D7, Dm, E7, Em, F, F7, G, G7, Gm7  If you aren’t certain you recall the shape correctly, check your chart list with the little hand in the upper right.  Try those Bb videos and info i sent for “homework”.   And remember to try the shape of Bb at the middle of the fretboard on fret 5, where the strings are most flexible to press down;  when that seems doable, form it on fret 4, then 3 then 2 then 1.

Download Deep In The Heart of Texas The Lion Sleeps Tonight for  Bb practice; also, The Great Pretender.

If time, we’ll practice Calypso some more with Catch A Falling Star.

And inside/outside plucking with Battle of New Orleans.