Newk Lesson #16, Feb 27 ’20

Review all your chords, from easiest to hardest, 4 times each: C, Am,  A7, C7, Am7/C6 (2 names for the chord when all strings are open), F, A, G, G7, Dm, D, Gm7, E7, F7, Fm, B7, Em, D7, Gm, Bb, and the 2 finger diminished chord shape on the first fret, the 4 finger diminished chord shape on the 1st and 2nd frets, then again on the 2nd and 3rd frets.

THAT’S A LOT OF CHORDS!  We haven’t done F#m, Bm.  F#m is easy.   Bm is a 3 fret-stretchy one, let’s get ’em both today download: Help Me Rhonda.

We’ll go back to When the Red Red Robin, it has the diminished shaped you need to know, and is a fun song, practice it at home and see if we can’t speed it up a little this time!

So many things to teach, so little time!  Let’s try a bit of tabs, where you learn to play the melody of songs.  It’s using numbers rather than notes, but for many is easier to get the hang of than reading music, though similar.  Download these:      Learning Tabs,    Guido Uke Orchestra,
Tabs O Susanna,   Ode To Joy 2pts F Key