Newk Lesson # 17, Mar 5 ’20

We’re going on with the tabs lesson from last week.  If you didn’t download the materials, here they are again. Also, reprint the Ode to Joy below, even if you printed the older one last week.

Learning Tabs,
Guido Uke Orchestra,
Tabs O Susanna,
Ode To Joy 030120 v2      This Ode to Joy is an improved version over the one you printed last week.  Dawn Bachmann made the harmony much more readable! Please reprint this version.

We’ll continue with some easy tab songs, and add in some orchestration today, with Aura Lee. We’ll use 3 different possibilities for you to choose from: melody tabs, inside-outside plucking, or strumming on the first beat of each measure.  I hope many of you are able to be in class this Thursday, to get a full sound!

Ode to Joy is so beautiful. We’ll all learn the Uke 1 melody and play it with some folks strumming.  When that works out, we’ll all learn the Uke 2 harmony (sounds best with a low G string, but we’ll all do it whether or not we have low G).  We’ll play Uke 1 and Uke 2 together, then if time, we’ll add in the strummed chords.

Next week, it’s all about 12-bar blues!