Newk Lesson #18, March 12, ’20 CANCELLED

Howdy all, this is supposed to be our last lesson, #18.  We’ll see though. . .maybe one more after this, let’s see how the virus ‘n us are doing.  We’ll get into 12-bar blues today, let’s look at the structure of it, and see that it is the formula for many blues and rock songs, or derivatives thereof!  (Hey, so is the pentatonic scale, which Kevin will be teaching us!)  Please download Kansas City, Hound Dog (which we used in lesson 9, you should already have it;), Charley’s
bump and box. We’ll look at the typical 12 bar structure, learn a shuffle strum, and keep busy!
I’d love to have time to go back to Ode To Joy, too, and get some more tabs in.