Newk Lesson #2 Nov 14 ’19

Today we’ll extend ourselves with two more chords, enabling us to play the songs from last week’s list beyond the first line!  Those chords are F and G7.  You’ve already learned C and Am.
Two words: anchoring and swinging, will help you move from Am to F to G7 smoothly.  Then you’ll have the basics of using a popular chord progression: C, Am, F, G7, the basis of all those songs on last week’s list.

After I introduce  you to F & G7, we will double check your wrist position, elbow, angle of your ukulele against your body, and clarity of your chords. Then we will play C, Am, F, G7 a zillion times.  Some of you will begin to feel muscle memory taking over, as your brain starts to be more “automatic” with these chords.

When we feel kinda comfortable with that progression, we’ll give Run Around Sue a try.  Click on it to retrieve the version to copy. (2 pages). You will notice that big sections of the song have no chords above the words.  That’s to give your muscle memory a go at the repeated chord progression of C Am F G7.

If time, we’ll fool around with last week’s list, see how much more we can play of those songs, having learned 2 additional chords.  And to keep us from being bored, please copy They Call The Wind Mariah, too.