Newk Lesson #3, Nov 21 ’19

“Noodling” is fun, but why do we need to do less of it?  Have you been noodling, and not know it?  Let’s talk about it, then!

So. We have learned C, Am, F, and G7.  We can play a whole Rocknroll song, have a 4 chord pattern memorized, and many of us can not only play the chords but sing at the same time!!!
Its easiest to do that if you already know a song; your brain knows when the sound/chord changes and the rhythm from all those years ago singing along with your car radio to Dion and all those top ten hits!  What next?  Let’s go thru the list from Class #1, see how we can get these same 4 chords to be played with appropriate # of beats per chord.  Some of the songs have 8 beats/chord, like Run Around Sue, others have 4, others 2, and some are a blend.

We’ll learn an easy version of Feliz Navidad. Then, for  Santa Claus Is Coming To Town the C7 and D chords  are needed. We’ll learn those, using what I call the “Slap Method“. Huh?  There are some interesting chord shapes to move in and out of in Santa. We’ll take it slow, and learn the bits before we play the whole of Santa.  That’s enough for lesson #3!  (if you want to familiarize yourself with C7 and D, go to your download page with the little hand drawn in the upper right-hand corner.)