Newk Lesson #4, Dec 5 ’19

Chords we’ve studied: Am, C, C7, F, G7, D Today, we’ll add G, Dm, using the slap method.

Let’s do the eyes-closed homework i sent you during Thanksgiving:
Homework:  C chord: strum it 8 times eyes open, 8 times eyes closed.
Am chord: strum 8 times eyes open, 8 times closed.
Eyes open:  strum  C 4 times, Am  4 times
Eyes closed: strum C 4 times, Am 4 times. Do it again.
Go thru this same progression, this time substituting  F and G7 for C and Am.
Goal: Leaving eyes closed, strum C, Am, F, G7  8 times each, then 4 times each, then 2 times each, then 1 time each.

Songs today: Lollipop, which has the Dm and the G; Feliz Navidad, which also has the G, in addition to chords you already know, and Santa Claus is Coming to Town, reviewing the D from last week.

We’ve been doing the Down Down Down Down   OR   Downup Downup Downup Downup strum pattern. This pattern is  for songs 4 beats/measure, which most of our songs are.  (the others are mostly waltz rhythm).  Downup downup downup downup is the basis for most strums, including the Freight Train, or Chattanooga, strum, which we’ll intro today.  It’s my favorite go-to strum.  It will work with almost everything, including the 3 songs above.