Newk Lesson #8, Jan 2, 2020

Chords we’ve learned: A, A7, Am, C, C7 (and Cm, somewhat), D, Dm, Em7, F, G, G7.  Folks who came Dec 26 learned Em7.  So, you should have these chords by heart hopefully, as we are going on to the more challenging ones, the next 10 lessons.  These will be a mix of barred chords and 3 fret-stretch-chords.  We’ll be learning some up-the-neck chords and diminished chords too, as the weeks go by.  And of course, some great songs!

So, we’ll do a little more with Pachelbel to get all the parts going.  Folks who weren’t here last week will do the strum, the rest of you will be doing the arpeggio and the tabs.

Download Oh My Darling Clementine to learn the E7 chord, which is a little bit “interesting” but by now you won’t be too crazed!!  This song has a waltz rhythm, you can use a 1,2,3 downstrum, or 3 sets of down/ups, or a touchdown strum followed by two down strums.  Choices!

We’ll stay with E7 for a second song, Down On The Corner.  E7 in this song often follows or precedes an A: we’ll get your index and middle fingers dancin’ back and forth to aid in learning the transition between E and A.

Please download Up the Neck, Bottom to Top to aid in  a discussion on F7.